85,000 Trees Saved!

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The environment is at the forefront of everything we do and that is why it is so important to us that we are doing the best we can towards the planet. We chose bamboo as the perfect material for our products because it is the most sustainable plant in the world – it can grow around 4ft per day, which is 30x faster than trees. 27,000 trees are wiped out as a result of toilet tissue production every single day. This contributes to deforestation and a loss of biodiversity.

As part of our mission, we work the World Land Trust, who are leaders in protecting and preserving ecosystems with emphasis on threatened habitats and endangered species. We donate a portion of each sale from our products to The World Land Trust Carbon Balanced Programme. This means that we offset unavoidable emissions from the production of our products by supporting the protection and restoration of carbon-rich tropical forests. So far, we have donated an incredible £18,600 towards vital conservation efforts.

With the funds provided, a team of rangers work in collaboration with local communities and authorities to patrol and monitor the forest, preventing illegal hunting practices and land clearance.

We are also extremely excited and proud to say that by our customers purchasing our products we have now managed to save 85,000 trees! This that is around the size of 233 football pitches.

Trees are extremely important to our eco-system and we firmly believe that they should not be being chopped down at the rate that they are now in 2020, which is why we do not use them in our products.

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