The Cheeky Panda is an innovative company offering the tissue market a sustainable and health conscious alternative. Making tissues from virgin bamboo kun, a hybrid of the bamboo species The Cheeky Panda tissues are pure and rich in natural goodness. Free from harsh chemicals found in regular tissues and saving thousands of precious trees and animal habitats around the world.

The Cheeky Panda tissues are the first in the UK to be Vegan registered. The co-founders Julie Chen and Chris Forbes are dedicated to preserving the natural environment on which we all depend and are set on keeping it cheeky!

The Cheeky Panda loves eating bamboo, and having lots of fun. Follow our facebook and twitter feeds to see all our latest news and product innovations.

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Company News

Keep up with the latest from The Cheeky Panda.

The Cheeky Panda Ranked in The UK’s Top 100 Startups

Sustainable bamboo tissue manufacturer The Cheeky Panda has made it into the UK’s top 100 startups. Coming in at 58 this recognition is a huge accomplishment for The Cheeky Panda team. This is the first time the sustainable company has appeared on the list since co founders Julie Chen and Chris Forbes started The Cheeky Panda in 2016. In this short space of time The Cheeky Panda have developed a juicy range of bamboo tissue products. From toilet tissues, facial tissues, pocket tissues, dinner napkins and their award winning bamboo kitchen rolls. It seems the only way is up for The Cheeky Panda, when using their bamboo tissues you can quite literally save the trees with every sneeze! And with each pack brought your money will go towards protecting rain forests in Vietnam.

The Cheeky Panda Bamboo Tissues Now Available in Planet Organic

Planet Organic was founded in 1995 by Renee Elliot. The store is a manifestation of Renee’s personal values and beliefs about food and nutrition. When starting her own family Renee felt the importance of each mouth full of food even more so. Renee supports local agriculture and makes naturally sourced organic produce accessible for a wider market.   Since it’s opening in 1995 Planet Organic has gone from strength to strength and now has around 7 stores in London alone. As we are becoming more aware of what we are eating...

The Cheeky Panda Win At This Years’ Natural and Organic Show Europe

It’s a Chef’s hat award for the kitchen towel with no lint, that means when you clean glass tables there is no dust. Not only is it a more sustainable product it’s been voted the best product by the industry experts.   New on the scene meet panda supreme, Sustainable bamboo tissue manufacture The Cheeky Panda have won big at this year’s Natural and Organic show Europe. This is only the third time the innovative company has attended the show in the last 3 years. With no products on any shelves in their first appearance at the show, The Cheeky Panda have achieved an enormous amount in such a short space of time, perfectly reflecting the hunger for sustainable and health...

Key Moments From ‘The Future Of Sustainability’ Event

Just the other day we held our second ‘The Future of Sustainability’ event, it was so awesome and thanks to everyone who made the night possible. It was a fantastic evening filled with inspiring talks on a variety of sustainable solutions. We were very snap happy and want to share some of the key moments with you...   The night was filled with inspiring talks on sustainable solutions and businesses. There were presentations from the following companies, biodegradable plastic creators SYMPHONY presenting their innovative D2W additive solution, the inventor of BAMFORD’S WATERBLADE, which takes a trickle of water and transforms it, making it many times more useful for washing your hands, The man behind the Multi-award winning hand drying technology SAVORTEX and of course The Cheeky Panda, co founder Chris Forbes presented the newly extended range of carbon reducing bamboo tissues...

Judi Dench Gets Cheeky

Dame Judi Dench has joined the fabulous Joanna Lumley in expressing her support for our sustainable bamboo tissues! We have received a lovely response from Dame Judi Dench for which we are very grateful… It is so encouraging to have Judi’s positive comments on our sustainable bamboo tissues and we are excited that Judi will be using our products from now on!   The British Acting legend recently starred in a captivating BBC one programme delving into the complexity of trees, unearthing all of their special secrets. Dame Judi Dench has always had a great interest in trees, which began in her early childhood. Their majestic presence on our landscape has fascinated the actress for most of her life.

Bamboo is the Future

Did you know that Bamboo can be transformed into luxury tissue paper? While many of you may be familiar with Bamboo Socks, Pillows, Bedsheet and Underwear there is a new kid in town called The Cheeky Panda! It all stems from bamboo, the world's fastest growing plant paving the way towards a more sustainable future. This key ingredient eradicates deforestation and promotes good health, tree based products rely on slow growth using fertilisers and recycled tissue paper alternatives come choked full of harmful chemicals.   When you cut down a tree you are left with the root system that needs to be dug up before replanting. All that soil erosion and chemicals have a negative impact, while bamboo behaves like a grass when cut from the root it just grows back. No soil erosion, no fertilisers just natural organic bamboo. What you might not know is that bamboo is anti-microbial, that means it doesn’t collect bacteria and its healthier for people’s skin than traditional tree based tissue. Making smart choices about food and healthy living is the way to protect the planet and give the future generations a sustainable world.  
Recycled tissue was the most environmentally friendly tissue on the market but what they don’t tell you is that in order to turn old newspapers and copier paper into toilet paper they have to use lots of de-inking agents and harsh chemicals which are harmful to both the environment and the skin. Tissue paper products might be at the bottom of the market (excuse the pun), but that doesn’t mean it should be ignored, it is every bit as important as food after all what goes in must come out.  
The Cheeky Panda fairly new to the market but the founders Chris and Julie are extremely passionate about protecting the environment and leaving no carbon footprint. Every time someone buys some Cheeky Panda some of the money goes to protecting the Rainforest in Vietnam, through the World Land Trust they back a project to regenerate lost rainforest and stop animal snaring, how cool is that?  
    The Cheeky Panda range is 100% FSC certified with recycled packaging that biodegrades when exposed to oxygen. Check out the online reviews and grab yourself a pack, remember its more than just bums on seats, it’s about doing the right thing, using a comfortable organic tissue and making the planet a little more sustainable.

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