Who are we?

The Cheeky Panda make Ultra Sustainable Tissue & Wipes made from 100% Bamboo goodness!

We are a young and innovative company offering a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional paper-based products. All of our products are made from 100% FSC certified Virgin Bamboo.

Sustainability never felt so fun!

Our Cheeky Values

Our Story

The Cheeky Panda was created in 2016 by Chris Forbes and Julie Chen, with a goal to disrupt the tissue market. They could see the damage regular tissues were having on the environment and wanted to do something about it. The Cheeky Panda was born! By utilizing the fastest growing plant in the world bamboo, The Cheeky Panda tissue range is unlike any other. Saving forests world wide and the thousands of animals that live in them, The Cheeky Panda is also the first tissue company in the UK to be vegan registered with the Vegan Society….

Our story continues with the arrival of baby Leo

The sustainable tissue range soon became an Amazon bestseller and it was there that hundreds of consumers started to leave feedback. Many people suffering with sensitive skin and Eczema wrote in saying how the tissues were much kinder on their skin. After further investigation, the Cheeky team concluded this was due to the lack of harsh chemicals and natural growing habits of the bamboo. So, sort of by accident The Cheeky Panda tissues became known as the health conscious and sustainable alternative.

Then in 2018, Cheeky baby Leo was born and Chris and Julie’s passion to create a better world for future generations strengthened even more. They found that there were no good quality biodegradable solutions in the market for baby wipes, so the founders decided to launch 100% biodegradable bamboo baby wipes this year, with biodegradble diapers coming in the bamboo pipeline…

Join our journey to create a sustainable world for future generations!

Our Promises

Why switch to Cheeky Panda?
Bamboo is Awesome! The fastest growing plant in the world and Ultra Sustainable
Why switch to Cheeky Panda?
We donate a part of every pack sold to help protect rainforests with The World Land Trust making us Carbon Balanced
Why switch to Cheeky Panda?
We are a family brand, for the future. We want our youngest Panda, Leo, to grow up in an eco-friendly world!
Why switch to Cheeky Panda?
Kind to Skin! Dermatologically tested by SGS and people who suffer with sensitive skin
Why switch to Cheeky Panda?
Joanna Lumley loves The Cheeky Panda!
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