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Hello, we are The Cheeky Pandas. The Cheeky Panda loves eating bamboo, and having lots of fun. Follow our facebook and twitter feeds to see all our latest news and product innovations.

Chris and Julie are the founders of the Cheeky Panda and they want to live in a world with a sustainable future.  There is a lot of people in this world and we can't keep cutting down trees for things like toilet paper otherwise we will run out so using the worlds fastest growing plant as an alternative seemed like the right thing to do.

It is also a much softer kinder substance to the skin and won't cost you more than the other big brands toilet paper. For every pack of tissue bought some money goes back to protecting the rainforest in Vietnam and the offset means cradle to grave our tissue has no carbon footprint.  We know that things don't happen overnight but we also know if you start a snowball at the top of a hill with enough momentum it can become very big and change does happen.  Please give our snowball and our little panda a push along the journey and help us bring bamboo into your home and into your heart.

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