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Hello, we are The Cheeky Pandas!


Welcome to our family, here is the part where we introduce our cheeky team and enroll you in the fun!


The Cheeky Panda is a cheeky fellow who loves bamboo, sustainability and skincare. He likes to share all of his bamboo secrets to ensure all of you are getting the best product for healthcare and the environment. He pops up from time to time to say hello and you can even be the proud owner of one of his offsprings in the form of The Cheeky Panda toy. Indulge yourself in the cuteness!

Meet The Cheeky Panda

Kelly is the Cheeky Panda’s sister and she lets all of the wonderful people know of the latest adventures Panda has been up too, it’s hard to keep up as Cheeky Panda is always on the go with his paws in many pies, Panda strives for sustainability and the wellbeing of all our Cheeky customers.


Panda’s proud parents are Chris and Julie, they run a tight ship full of prosperity and Panda shenanigans. With a blend of cheeky mischief and a goal for Panda to live in a world with a sustainable future, the 100% organic bamboo tissue products are constantly evolving into new and exciting solutions that combat deforestation and carbon emissions.

Co-founders Chris and Julie

Cheeky Panda has a lot of knowledge about the supersonic plant bamboo, as he spends his days grazing on it and pondering all of the great qualities it has to offer the human population. But of course Panda still thinks of his feast and has ensured none of his food supply is being touched in the process of making The Cheeky Panda tissue, he has simply designated us a different strain. Panda and his appetite, hey!


Bamboo grows 30 times quicker than trees and is the fastest growing plant on the planet. With Panda’s help we have turned this super plant into luxury bamboo tissue products that won’t cost you more than your regular toilet paper.  It’s a no brainer really with the incredible benefits bamboo has for our personal well being and the environment.

Our Team

At The Cheeky Panda we actively seek out new ways of protecting the environment and not just through out Eco friendly and sustainable products. We have recently partnered up with the World Land Trust on a carbon balancing project. This enables us to positively impact our living environment one step at a time. By investing in the World Land Trust we are protecting the rainforests, plants and animals in Vietnam. And as we grow so does our ability to branch out and invest in new strategies and concepts of sustaining our living environment. We know that things don’t happen overnight, but we also know if you start a snowball at the top of a hill, with enough momentum, it can become very big.  Please give our snowball and our little Cheeky Panda a push along the way and help us bring bamboo into your home and into your heart.

Project we invest in - Khe Nuoc Trong Rainforest in Vietnam

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