Business Ambassadors

The Cheeky Panda Ambassadors are for people from different walks of life and ages that share common interests in sustainability. You could be bloggers, business owners, fashion designers or eco-professionals who help The Cheeky Panda promote #BambooIsAwesome.

[column col=”1/1″][person type=”team-circle” name=”Sarah (Brockwell) Plummer” picture=”×150.jpg” title=”Director of Award Winning Marketing & PR Firm SarahBee Marketing” facebook=”” twitter=”” linkedin=”” dribbble=”” link=””]

Sarah is Winner of six business awards in four years. (including Essex Businesswoman of the Year 2013, Best New Company in 2010 and 2011, Business to Business in 2011, 2012 and 2014). SarahBee Marketing and PR provides affordable, no-nonsense marketing and PR. Recently a tweet from sarahBee marketing was favourited by UK Prime Minister David Cameron. Sarah supports The Cheeky Panda from very early stage through business mentoring and advisory.


[column col=”1/1″][person type=”team-circle” name=”Peter Blue” picture=”×150.jpg” title=”Director of British Women Artists and Sporting Dates Ltd” facebook=”” twitter=”” linkedin=”” dribbble=”” link=””]

Peter is a Technologist, Entrepreneur, Investor & Business Networker. Peter has been responsible for developing and running many businesses including:;; Illustration.Global; The Construction Database and many others. Peter said: Being green is not just for large companies. The Cheeky Panda project is such a good idea as it removes the need to chop down vast quantities trees and therefore saving habitats.


[column col=”1/1″][person type=”team-circle” name=”Monique Lee ” picture=”×150.jpg” title=”Award-Winning Hat Designer” facebook=”” twitter=”” linkedin=”” dribbble=”” link=””]

Monique Lee is a Taiwan born London based award winning MA Fashion Design graduate from London College of Fashion. All hats designed by her are hand-crafted in London, England since 2013. Her hat designs were featured alongside great artists Philip Treacy and Stephen Jones in over 150 magazine world wide. Monique said: ‘As a designer making hand-made designer hats, I’m supportive of all green and sustainable initiatives.



[column col=”1/1″][person type=”team-circle” name=”Charles Forbes” picture=”×150.jpg” title=”Chairman of city recruitment firm PhD Search & Selection” facebook=”” twitter=”” linkedin=”” dribbble=”” link=””]

Charles is one of the original supporters for The Cheeky Panda. Charles said: ‘We are dealing with finite resources in this world. So many trees have been cut down each year to make tissues, bamboo is such a simple solution for everyone to be green. The Cheeky Panda is such a great idea and I am looking forward to my Panda Toy.


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