Are Flushable Wipes Actually Safe To Be Flushed?

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Wipes and sanitary products are the number 1 cause of blockages in sewages and drains in the UK. Whether a wipe is advertised as flushable or not, they should never be put into the toilet. The only items that should be flushed is the 3 P’s – Pee, Poo and Paper!

When a wipe is flushed down the toilet, it can often get stuck in pipes. They not only stick together but to other things that have been flushed too. Even if you put one wipe down there, eventually there would be a build-up big enough to create a blockage. This then creates fatbergs that have been reported to be up to 250 meters long and weighing 400 pounds!

Another reason to not flush wipes is because they are full of plastics. Within the fibers of wipes, there are micro-plastics. When they enter our waterways the micro-plastics are leeched into the water, alongside any chemicals that may be in the wipe.

So what does that mean for The Cheeky Panda? Our baby wipes and handy wipes are 100% biodegradable and there is no plastic within the wipe (they are completely natural!). Despite the fact that our wipes break down a lot quicker than the average, we still do not recommend flushing them.

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