Five ways to use bamboo for your health and well-being

Bamboo is an extraordinary plant and shouldn’t be underestimated for its outstanding benefits for our everyday lives. The great aspects of bamboo can benefit skin care, digestion, reducing carbon emissions and overall well-being.  

Bamboo is used in a range of well-being products and services because of its natural qualities. Different parts of the bamboo plant can be used for various services from canes being used in bamboo massages to the fiber from the plant being used in creating silky soft bamboo fabrics. The possibilities are endless and one can reap many rewards from using the plant.

Here my intention is to expose some of the many ways bamboo is used and to inform you of the plants extraordinary benefits for health and well being. There is hope for a sustainable future and bamboo might just be the saviour we have been looking for.


Bamboo massage

With bamboo canes being strong and sturdy they are often used in massage treatments across a range of organic health spas and hotels. The treatment begins by the masseuse using a bamboo cane to stretch out the body. More pressure is applied compared to traditional massage treatment which enabled the knots to be fully exonerated from one’s body. Using the bamboo cane allows the masseuse to work deep into the muscles to alleviate any tension and generate toxin removal through lymphatic drainage.

This has been a successful form of massage and has been highly popular with customers because of the intensity and strength which the bamboo cane has in alleviating any tension from the body. This type of massage ensures an organic stripped back experience with excellent results.

You can find out more information on where the bamboo massages are available in the link provided;


Bamboo tea

Within the eastern hemisphere bamboo tea is incredibly popular as the plant contains silica, which is what the body uses for health hair, skin and nails. In this particular type of tea the bamboo is mixed with lemon grass which is used to relieve stress and cleanse the body. The tea is special and unlike any other due to the natural qualities that bamboo has and added with the mixture of the lemon grass, the blends enhances the body’s natural ability to grow.

The Lemon grass and bamboo strain of tea is said to have a ‘clean comforting taste’ and helps the drinker develop clean healthier skin. The bamboo strains of tea can be purchased online, one of the more popular outlets for this can be found by following this link;

Eating bamboo shoots

Even the shoots within the bamboo can be incredibly beneficial for one’s health. The shoots are proved to help with weight loss, strengthening the immune system, control of bad cholesterol, anti-inflammatory properties, and hold possible cancer fighting properties. Bamboo contains lots of protein and supplies your body with vital vitamins and minerals, it is healthy for your heart and also contains a significant amount of dietary fiber, which can help with irritable bowels.

It has been discovered in a study undertaken by Numala Chongtham, Madho Singh Bhisht and Sheena Haorongbam from Punjab university in Chandigarh, that bamboo shoots are also massively rich in various nutrients.

Bamboo shoots also have an incredibly low calories intake as just a 100 gram serving of bamboo contains only a mere 20 calories. With the amount of sugar found in bamboo shoots being about 2.5 grams per 100 gram serving, you cannot go wrong by adding bamboo to your diet. This amount of sugar is less that what you would find in many fruits and vegetables.

The shoots also have impeccable health benefits and can reduce and improve many health issues we face on a day to day basis. Just one of the small changes you can make to your diet to reap astonishing results.

To purchase and gain more information about bamboo shoots you can follow the link;

Bamboo fabric

Bamboo can also be used in clothing, along with bamboo fabric being amazingly soft and comfortable it will also keep your clothes odor free and smelling fresh because of the antibacterial qualities within bamboo. It reduces sweat as the bamboo fabrics are highly absorbent, pulling moisture from your skin for evaporation ensuring you are kept dry and clean. The insulating qualities enables you to stay warm in the winter and cold in the summer.


By using bamboo fabrics also reduces your risk of skin cancer as the fabric is a natural UV protectant. There is also no risk of allergic reactions as the fabrics are hypoallergenic, which is one of the bamboo’s natural qualities.


There are also great benefits for the environment as bamboo fabric is the most eco friendly on the planet.


To purchase and gain more information about bamboo fabrics you can follow the link provided;


Love Your Bum, Save Trees and Stay Cheeky

Here at The Cheeky Panda we specialize in luxury bamboo tissue products for sustainability and skin care. Bamboo grows 30 times quicker than trees and is the fastest growing plant on the planet. It is also 100% natural, skin friendly and we use no fertilizers to grow it.


Our bamboo toilet tissue takes 65% less carbon to make that regular tissue and unlike recycled tissue our bamboo products uses no deinking agents or harsh chemicals in the manufacturing process, while providing great 3 ply quality, which is super soft and absorbent.


As well as being the most sustainable tissue product on the market right now our bamboo toilet tissue has great skin care benefits as well. Currently selling at #1 on Amazon wellbeing we have been inundated with feedback regarding how our product has helped with skin conditions such as eczema.


The Cheeky panda tissue products are all FSC approved and even our packaging is 100% recyclable. Here at The Cheeky Panda we strive for sustainability and health care for all of our customers, in order to create a more eco friendly planet and healthier living environment.


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To Conclude

As discovered bamboo has many benefits for health and well being and is a proactive solution to combating the most simple and challenging health issues that we face on a daily basis. Just a small change to include bamboo into your life can improve your quality of living immensely. However one must stress that this is not the only reason for choosing bamboo products over others. Bamboo is the most sustainable plant of the planet and helps reduce tons of carbon emission each year. Whether it be through buying bamboo edibles, tea, clothes or The Cheeky Panda tissue products just a simple switch to bamboo can save the environment and sustain a safe and healthier planet for our own and future generations to prosper. There should be no price on happiness, health and overall wellbeing.


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