Cheeky Panda Dresses Wild for Wildlife

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In support of endangered animals, The Cheeky Panda teamed up one of the world’s leading independent conservation organisations WWF. The Cheeky Panda’s passion for sustainability is closely aligned with WWF’s key values for sharing the planet’s resources more sustainably, tackling climate change and protecting endangered wildlife.

In a bid to address the world’s most important challenges, the cheeky team took to their wardrobes in search of the wildest thing they could find. Steering away from the obvious choice, the Majestic Panda, the team were tasked with sourcing an outfit that best represents their favourite endangered animal. This resulted in an eclectic mix of polar bears, bees and silver backed gorillas.

Safeguarding the natural world, tackling climate change and enabling people to use their fair share of natural resources takes more than just fun and outrageous costumes, these are one of many pieces in the Solution Puzzle. Alongside this dress to impress, participants were encouraged to donate funds to this organisation. This is only the beginning, however small steps like this towards the right direction are all it takes to inspire change and improvement.’Together we can build a future where people and nature thrive’ (WWF)

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