Co founder Julie Chen shares business experience with pupils at local school

‘Learning is a partnership of discovery’


Last Thursday afternoon Julie was given the opportunity to give something back to the local community, which has been so crucial to The Cheeky Panda’s success. Julie was invited along to The Endeavor School in Essex to give a presentation and answer the pupils questions on all things entrepreneurship.


The pupils are currently working towards starting their own businesses. From bespoke bracelets to universal stories, they are looking for ways to make their business ideas a reality. 


Julie was able to share her business knowledge with the pupils on how to bring innovations to the mass market, touching on key tips for success. Julie emphasized the importance of the idea being a solution and encouraged the pupils to create products that will help people.


The creativity among the pupils was inspiring. The ideas relished in variety and held such uniqueness. Julie was able to learn about their ventures and hear their ideas on how they will move their businesses forwards. ‘It was an honor to be apart of and so encouraging to see young people really engaging with their creativity and coming up with some awesome inventions!’


The Endeavour is a special school for children aged between 5 and 16. The school places the child at the center of everything they do. The school has a philosophy of learning being a partnership of discovery. This is a wonderful mantra and one that encourages students to discover their passions and believe in their abilities. 


Julie was honored to be invited along to chat with the pupils and learn about their projects and ideas. ‘It was fascinating to see such interesting concepts and catch a glimpse at the innovative products to come.’


It was a great experience for The Cheeky Panda to be apart of and we took much inspiration from the meeting. Giving back and getting involved within the local community is incredibly important to The Cheeky Panda. And is something we will continue to do. 

Julie had such fun visiting all of the pupils last Thursday and wish you luck in your creations! 



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