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Retail Sales


Business Development Executive

History and Politics graduate Kelly Burcher is passionate about inspiring positive changes within the environment. Kelly's business development skills and thirst for knowledge has led her on a path to global change.

078 6080 2778

Retail Sales


Business Development Executive

Environmental Geography graduate Alex is passionate about helping the environment in the most effective was possible. Having thrived in a sales environment, Winyard wanted to merge his expertise as a salesman with his knowledge and drive to create a better world.

079 9004 1903

Business Sales


Business Development Executive

Business Management with Sustainability graduate Emily Jennings has a passion for continuous improvement in organisational efficiency and sustainability. Emily sees business as a force for good whereby people, planet and profit can be used in harmony to improve lives.

078 2112 0122

French Sales

Elisa Crozet

Business Development Executive

Sciences Post grad Elisa Crozet is currently pursuing a Master's degree at LSE. Passionate about sustainability, she is dedicated to expanding The Cheeky Panda's operation on an international level. Elisa is on a mission to make businesses and people's habits greener for a brighter future.

+33 (0) 651354593


IMG_4324 2


Customer Service &
Sustainability Specialist

Recently graduating in Environmental Science with a Year Abroad, Maddie has returned to The Cheeky Panda team to work in a hybrid role supporting business development and bringing her knowledge of environmental issues to the company. With a keen interest in sustainability, Maddie believes in bringing about change within the corporate environment to make a real impact on the global carbon footprint.

020 7283 0028



Graphic Design &
Marketing Executive

Graphic Design Graduate looking to pursue a successful career in Marketing. Luke enjoys harnessing the power of online media to explore current affairs and contemporary issues, using design as a positive force of change. Globally minded with a passion for travel.

020 7283 0028

Operations &
Supply Chain Enquiries


Operations & Supply
Chain Executive

Cranfield Supply Chain Management postgraduate Jay is passionate about continuous improvements throughout the supply chain, with a focus on optimisation which in turn creates a more sustainable outcome. Chen believes ethics should be at the forefront of business decisions.

020 7283 0028

Product Enquires


Co-founder & CEO

Inspirational entrepreneur with expertise in branding, digital marketing and global chain supply. Julie has researched and developed The Cheeky Panda product range. She is the driving force for turning The Cheeky Panda into a world class brand.

020 7283 0028

Investment Enquiries


Co-founder & Director

Entrepreneur of the year and expert in major B2B account management, strategy, corporate actions and business growth. Chris Forbes is passionate about creating a more sustainable and brighter future for all.

020 7283 0028
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