Dame Judi Dench joins Joanna Lumley and gets Cheeky!

Dame Judi Dench has joined the fabulous Joanna Lumley in expressing her support for our sustainable bamboo tissues!


We have received a lovely response from Dame Judi Dench for which we are very grateful… It is so encouraging to have Judi’s positive comments on our sustainable bamboo tissues and we are excited that Judi will be using our products from now on!   


The British Acting legend recently starred in a captivating BBC one programme delving into the complexity of trees, unearthing all of their special secrets. Dame Judi Dench has always had a great interest in trees, which began in her early childhood. Their majestic presence on our landscape has fascinated the actress for most of her life.


It is a great show not only to learn about trees but also to further hear of their great importance; ‘Trees aren’t just trees, they are a real community that help each other, humans and the planet.’

As you may already know, as a company we aim to reduce mass deforestation by using 100% bamboo in our tissues! It is the fastest growing plant on the planet and by utilising it we are saving thousands of trees and habitats worldwide. Like Dame Judi The Cheeky Panda loves trees, so we decided to send some of our tissues to Judi as a gift and here’s what she replied…



Thank you!!

We are very honored to have the two acting legends using Cheeky Panda!!


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