Eco-Friendly Fathers Day 2020

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Fathers day is a great time to show appreciation and love to all the wonderful and supportive dads in the world! Here are some eco-friendly gifting ideas that your dad will love!

Reusable Water Bottle

A reusable water bottle is an essential item that can help avoid the need for plastic disposable ones. Not only are they functional, but cool too. Help your dad be the trendiest dad around by gifting a reusable water bottle, such as these beauties from Chilly’s and Hydroflask.


Every dad deserves a bit of a pamper, especially on Fathers day! We love skincare that doesn’t have any nasty chemicals or fragrances in them and are cruelty-free! Brands such as Bulldog, The Body Shop and Faith In Nature have some great options for men’s skincare.

Bamboo Socks

As you know, we are BIG fans of bamboo! Did you know it is the most sustainable plant in the world? Bamboo can be made into anything – even socks! Check out these bamboo sock gift sets from Thought to keep your dad’s toes not only cosy but eco-friendly too.

The Cheeky Panda

What dad wouldn’t love a big bundle from The Cheeky Panda?! Why not gift a big box of loo roll – it’s not just for your bum, our boxes of 24 and 48 are perfect for some tower building, indoor bowling, playing catch! Let your imagination run wild!


Chocolate is a solid gift choice for any dad – we love socially responsible brands such as Tonys Chocolonley and Divine. Both brands do vegan bars too!

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