Europe gets Cheeky!

The Cheeky Panda have secured yet another European superstore



The Cheeky Panda, who already sell on the French based ecommerce store and, which is a site that offers services to France, Germany and the Nederlands, have now furthered their presence in the European market by partnering with Bio Planet.

Bio Planet is one of Europe’s leading organic supermarkets specializing in a range of goods from food to non food, which are all 100% organic and meet Eco friendly criteria, ensuring a sustainable environment for future generations. The perfect match for The Cheeky Panda!



With over 15 mega stores in Belgium alone Bio Planet is a force to be reckoned with, as their growth and stability further demonstrates the growing popular trend of organic goods and ‘free from’ ideals, that are sweeping the international market.

Traders have seen a dramatic shift in consumer focus, as people are becoming more aware of the contents in the goods they are buying and the impact that these chemicals can have, not only to themselves but the environment as well. Consumers are now actively seeking goods, which will be beneficial to their personal health and free from the toxic chemicals put into mass produced products. Bio Planet offers a marketplace to complement these growing trends by offering organic, fresh and natural products like The Cheeky Panda.

We are excited by the prospects of our partnership with Bio planet and are proud to be offering a health conscious, sustainable alternative to your regular tissue. The Cheeky Panda offers 100% organic bamboo tissue that will improve your well being and ensure a healthy living environment for future generations and we are thrilled to make this extraordinary leap with Bio Planet. Improving peoples lives and the future of our planet, one day at a time.

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