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Why hello there singletons and loved up beauties. Isn’t it a good day to have a good day! It is in fact as you know, Valentine’s day (almost, nearly, in 2 weeks) and here at The Cheeky Panda we are loving our bums even more so!


In celebration for the day of love we are running a fabulous competition. For one day and love lovers only you could win 2 cinema tickets for any film of your choice. Absolutely superb considering a cheeky panda is also up for grabs! Panda could either be your cool third wheel or handsome date for valentines, its a win win!


To enter all you need to do is go to The Cheeky Panda Facebook Page, like our valentines post and tag your chosen one! This can be anyone you want to come along with you and panda to the cinema! We will randomly choose the winner after 2 weeks!!



As well as this exciting competition we also have an exclusive interview with co founders of The Cheeky Panda, Chris and Julie. To coincide with valentine’s day, they treat us to the inside scoop on being couple entrepreneurs. I sat down with them earlier today for a quick chat…


K: Hello Chris and Julie! Happy valentines day ….


Chris/Julie: Thanks, you too!


K: Thanks! What are you doing to celebrate?


Chris/Julie: We have booked a long weekend in Italy and have a dinner date planned for tonight. 


K: Oooo Sounds awesome!


Chris/Julie: Yes, we are very much looking forward to it.


K: It must be getting harder and harder to find time for just the two of you when you are running a business that is growing at such a rapid rate! As a member of The Cheeky Panda team I know how hard you both work to get your sustainable vision off the ground and into peoples homes. I want to know your secrets to keeping a healthy balance between work and play. How do you make sure the lines don’t get too blurry?


Chris: As people can imagine it can be difficult to take a step back from Panda. We are always thinking about what else we can do to take Cheeky Panda to the next level and make a positive impact on the environment.


Julie: Especially at the moment we have a lot of new cheeky panda products coming to the market this year and demand is higher than ever, so the work rate is at an all time high.


Chris: Even with our date night planned for today of course our minds will still be on Panda, as it is such a big part of our lives. We put everything into making sustainable solutions, improving the environment is very important to us, but the key for success is balance!


Julie: Yes, work hard and play hard is something we like to stick to as best we can especially at this point in the cheeky panda journey. It is important to take a step back to reengersie.


K: Yes I can agree it has been a very busy start to the year! It is very rewarding to see The Cheeky Panda being received so well, especially for the both of you. For any couples out there who are thinking about starting their own business, what would be your top 10 tips?


Julie/Chris: Top 10 tips…


  • Work hard and play hard! Always go the extra mile for your vision but make sure you have time for fun outside the office


  • Have clearly defined roles and responsibility.


  • Good communication!


  • Dedicated room as office if working from home


  • Don’t bring domestic arguments to the office.


  • Play to your strengths


  • Make sure you have date nights planned!


  • Don’t feel guilty taking holidays! Go and have a pina colada on the beach.


  • Work with a mediator to get some home truths! Two passionate innovators together don’t always agree, it’s good to have someone to mediate and tell you some home truths!



  • Most importantly have fun and believe in your vision!



K: That’s great thanks guys! Pina Colada should be our office anthem!


Watch this space for the full interview… To enter the Valentines day competition click here and Good Luck!!! 




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