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Carbon Balanced

On 8 of March 2016 we started our carbon offset partnership with the World Land Trust in order to protect and rebuild the Khe Nuoc Trong rainforest in Vietnam. This will offset the 8.6tons of carbon produced per 10 tons of manufactured bamboo tissue products. Whilst our bamboo tissue generate 65% less carbon carbon emissions than conventional tree based tissue, this project ensures that our tissue is carbon neutral, at the same time as protecting the trees, plants, and animals of the rainforest.

100% FSC Certified

Every aspect of our business considers the ethical and environmental impact the farming, manufacture and delivery of our products. We are proud to be the first, and so far only tissue brand in the UK to offer 100% FSC® certified products. This means that the bamboo forests we use for production have be independently audited and meet the FSC’s 10 Principles and Criteria for Forest Management.

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MSDUK have certified that The Cheeky Panda is an Ethnic Minority Business. MSDUK brings together innovative and high growth ethnic minority businesses (EMBs) with global corporations committed to creating an inclusive and diverse supply chain.

B Corp Certified

This summer, in 2019 we were recognised as a B Corporation. This strict, globally recognised criteria means that by partnering with us you will be associated with one of the most ethical and sustainable businesses in the world.

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Vegan Certified

We are the first tissue brand to be Vegan Certified by the Vegan Society, this means that all of our products are free from animal products and animal testing.

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Cruelty Free

We also have The Leaping Bunny approval. Our wipes range and all of their ingredients are produced cruelty free!


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