Got the Flu? Use Bamboo!

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Winter is officially upon us… that means flu season is too! We therefore thought it was only right to compare our new Cheeky Panda Pocket Tissues with the humble hankey, and traditional pocket tissues to see which is the most hygienic and greenest option (excuse the pun).


Like most people who use them, hankies are retired. These snot rags have a gross reputation, but if washed after every use they can be a much more hygienic option.  Hankies also require approximately 165 litres of water to grow and manufacture, however they have a forgivable life span of approximately 520 uses, and are now making a comeback with eco-warriors! 


Traditional pocket tissues are disposable, discarding unwanted germs into the bin immediately. Despite being more hygenic, disposable tissues have major environmental issues. The production of tree-based tissues are wiping out forests across the globe every single year. Many traditional pocket tissues are also wrapped in plastic – we just can’t get rid of those pesky single-use plastics… or can we? (Colin recommends you read on!)


Colin is putting an end to plastic pollution and has given our pocket tissues a makeover, packaging them in widely recyclable cardboard! Our tissues are also made with bamboo, which grows 30 times faster and absorbs approximately 35% more carbon than trees. Us pandas are fighting back against climate change and are saving trees with every sneeze! The pocket tissues also have added health benefits. Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial, preventing skin irritation and the spread of your ick!

So tell us what you think! Will you stick with ‘bog’ standard pocket tissues, be borrowing your grandads old hankey, or do you believe that the future is Cheeky?

#KeepItCheeky #SavingTreesWithEverySneeze #HumbleHankey #NoPlasticIsFantastic

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