Introducing Cheeky Panda Biodegradable Packaging

We are happy to announce the introduction of biodegradable plastic to all Cheeky Panda packaging. We are enthused to implement the sustainable material across our whole range after an extensive development process. Ever since the early beginnings of The Cheeky Panda innovators Chris and Julie have been researching and testing to find the best solution to the current plastic problem. We have now found it!


The new Cheeky Panda Biodegradable plastic is made with recyclable LDPE material with a small percentage of additive called D2W, which has been created by Symphony, Environmental Technologies PLC – a listed company based in the UK. The inclusion of the D2W additive allows the manufacturer to create a life span for the plastic. The new packaging can be recycled through normal recycling streams. If the packaging happens to become litter then it still biodegrades and breaks down after 18 months. D2W changes the molecular structure of the plastic so when it starts to biodegrade, the plastic can then be bio assimilated in the same way as a leaf.





With stats like ‘in 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish’ it is evident, that reducing the use of plastic, is a matter of urgency. We are dedicated to making sustainable solutions, whether that be our sustainable bamboo tissues, or reducing ocean plastics, we want to evoke positive change.


Check out this table below which outline some of the great reasons why we choose D2W over ordinary plastic and other biodegradable materials.




One of the main reasons why we have chosen to use D2W oxo-biodegradable plastic over compo-stable plastic, is not just for its efficiency but also convenience. It stands as the most viable solution to the worlds plastic problem through its convenience to the consumer. As unlike compo-stable plastic, D2W oxo-biodegradable plastic can be easily recycled with normal plastic through household collections. Composting sites are few and far between whereas recycling facilities are the norm. We often find that compo-stable packaging is thrown into recycling bins, which contaminates the recycling process deeming all contents, in that ready to be recycled bin, going straight to landfill. The Cheeky Panda’s new degradable packaging can be easily recycled at home, when it start to biodegrade, the new plastic will degrade in less than 2 years, leaving no harmful residues to our environment.



This switch to D2W oxo-biodegradable packaging will be implemented from early April 2018 starting with our toilet rolls. We also have some new product lines coming this year, so keep your eyes pealed for some more sustainable bamboo tissue! Let’s save our forests and the oceans too!




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