Low Carbon Holiday With A Baby

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Low Carbon Holiday With A Baby

This was our first holiday with our baby boy Leo who is 10 months old.  While we could have done a trip to Spain or Italy we didn’t want:

  • To have to travel 1 hour in the car, then 2 hours at the airport + security, 2 hour flight then 1 hour onwards time to the destination.  A total of 6 to 8 hours with a baby is hard on him and on us.
  • We are trying to be more eco so the carbon footprint of the flight was avoidable
  • Southern Europe can be very hot so we might have had to spend most of it in doors in air con 
  • We would be limited with space when we include baby essentials and our stuff

So when a friend of ours suggested sharing a converted farm home in Norfolk for July we jumped at the chance.   Norfolk might not be everyone’s top holiday destination but we live in Essex which is just under a 2 hours away.  I drive a hybrid estate which gets about 60mpg so nice and eco and we were able to get all Leo’s stuff in including:

  • Travel Cot, mattress and bed sheets
  • High Chair
  • Steriliser and temperature controller
  • Baby monitor
  • Toys

It also meant if he was struggling with the holiday we had the option to bail and be home in 2 hours. We were really lucky with the house as it had a great outdoor area, big garden and a pool. As the house was built in the 17thcentury it also meant the front rooms were very cool when we needed to get out of the hot weather.

We were very lucky with the weather it was about 25°C most days which is lovely and warm and once we put suncream on everyone there was little risk of sunburn.  Norfolk has some stunning beaches and most days we were out at the beach, visiting a national park or English heritage site or exploring the old market towns.

It was quite nice to be on holiday but still be able to go to the local supermarket and buy everything without having to guess the English translation, Although sometimes that can be fun.  We had a BBQ most nights and with the group sharing the cost it was £500 each including all the food, accommodation and transport.  We had a great time payed games into the night and had a very relaxing time for about a third of the cost of the same style abroad.  It also felt good about being a low carbon holiday.

So if you are thinking about holidays and want to be a bit more eco try the UK in a sharing house, we can highly recommend it and you get a lot of value for your money.


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