There is a new vegan tissue in town!

Vegans rejoice, it’s our time to shine. November is upon us and we all know what that means, it’s Vegan month darling. Such a celebration of commitment for better times and a staple of growth for this prosperous community.


There are many fabulous ways to celebrate this glorious month and to celebrate in style. With events dotted all around the UK, there is something for everyone. The Cheeky Panda also joins the celebration with thousands of vegans worldwide! 


Not to mention that we actually have a big announcement of our own to further celebrate Vegan month… We are incredibly proud to announce, The Cheeky Panda is officially the UK’s first tissue brand registered with The Vegan Society!

Not only are our tissues free from animal derived ingredients and materials, we are also partnered with The World Land Trust, where we protect animals, habitats and rain forests in Vietnam. For each product brought we donate a proportion to the Trust. For more information click HERE.


Thousands of plants and animals call the worlds rain forests home. Greenpeace have recently exposed the destruction these natural habitats are facing at the hands of large tissue manufacturers. (for more information click here). The Cheeky Panda is pleased to offer the vegan community a tissue alternative that protects wildlife and rain forests around the world. The Cheeky Panda range is all made from 100% FSC certified bamboo and don’t worry, it is not the same type of bamboo that the pandas eat. Bamboo is essentially a giant grass, growing back naturally without any pesticides or fertilizers. This ensures that no rain forest or habitats are being destroyed and the thousands of animals who call these places home are safe. Our manufacturing process is totally cruelty free!









We are very happy to be joining the community. And being the first Vegan registered tissue in the UK, further demonstrates our scope on innovation. Our tissues are known for their natural and sustainable qualities and now to be registered with such a renowned organisation, we are enthused for the prospects ahead.


There is definitely lots to celebrate in the Vegan community this month and with the mantra ‘One world, Many lives, Our choice’ we continue to change lives around the world, sending a ripple effect of positivity throughout society.

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