Panda and Pudsey!

Hello, it’s me, Panda. I have just got back from an awesome venture to the Children in Need donation centers at Lyreco in Telford. I asked many a tourist and London commuter to take snaps of me on the way, you might have seen the posts. Such a fascinating trip to see how you humans get about, just extraordinary. I was constantly asked for an oyster, how baffling I thought, I don’t carry ocean things in my pocket. I pleaded with the ticket officer, informing him I set the Oyster free to be with it’s people. He let me through the barriers quite quickly, it’s a shame he didn’t want to speak further, he must of been busy. Anywho I found myself safe and sound at one of the allocated donation centers with Pudsey greeting me at the door, such a cheeky chap.


                                                                                                          Me on the Tube in London                         Me on the Bus in Birmingham


Pudsey gave me a quick tour of the place and it was so inspiring to see all of these people working together for such a fantastic cause. I bonded with my fellow Lyreco volunteers over bamboo tea, which they loved. My initial offering of some raw bamboo stalks didn’t go down so well, as Barry exclaimed it got stuck in his new dentures. I quickly found out that bamboo isn’t for human consumption, it turns out Barry was just being polite, such a lovely fellow. 

Here I am at the Center with my little Pudsey


There was such a buzz in the center, the atmosphere was so awe inspiring. The phone lines just didn’t stop it was amazing… I found out afterwards that this year was the biggest year yet for Children in Need and I am so pleased I could be apart of it. It was incredible and such a great opportunity to help out Pudsey and have many a chin wag with all you lovely people.   


To find out more information about this year’s Children in Need please click here.


Until next time…


The Cheeky Panda.


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