Shaping Your Plastic Free Easter

It is that exquisite time of the year again, chocoholics you know exactly where I am going with this! So with Easter only moments away, it is definitely time to start thinking about those eggy gifts for your loved ones. Luckily, we have taken the…

Best Eco Presents for that Special Someone

Stuck on what to gift that special person in your life? It can be really stressful especially when time is running out, you are hopelessly waiting for a eureka moment. Luckily for you, help is at hand. The Cheeky Panda has hand picked some of…

Top Tips on How to Avoid Catching a Cold this Winter

Do you find yourself surrounded by cold ridden people? or perhaps you have been doing your best to avoid that one co-worker with a hacking cold or cough. The dreaded door knob...or that commute guaranteed to be teeming with viruses. Blow away that phobia of…

Five Reasons To Be Eco Friendly

Nowadays, the term eco-friendly keeps popping up as being environmentally friendly becomes more and more crucial to society. This term goes beyond the simple act of just flicking off a light bulb as you leave the room or allocating rubbish to the correct trash bin.…

Feel Good Brands Podcast

Feel-Good Brands inspires, educates and showcases global lifestyle brands. They believe in a brighter future and our mission is to accelerate the growth of the brands that are shaping a better world. FGB is the thriving, global collective of passionate individuals and brands. Through their products,…

Cheeky Panda Dresses Wild for Wildlife

In support of endangered animals, The Cheeky Panda teamed up one of the world's leading independent conservation organisations WWF. The Cheeky Panda's passion for sustainability is closely aligned with WWF's key values for sharing the planet's resources more sustainably, tackling climate change and protecting endangered…

Wake Up And Smell The Plastic

Plastic is one of the biggest problems for the environment in the UK today. Studies reveal an estimation between 1.15 to 2.41 million tonnes of plastic entering oceans through rivers annually. Some of these top contributing rivers can be found in Asia, contributing up to…

Hay Fever Tips… Watch Out For The Pesky Pollen!

Hay fever is a common irritancy that people of all ages suffer from, affecting 13 million people in the UK alone. It is an immune response caused by pollen allergy and results in an itchy and irritating inflammation in the nose. There are three main…

An Indepth Look Into The Cheeky Effect

The Cheeky Panda is set up on the foundation of bringing sustainable alternatives to the mass market. We want to actively make a positive difference to the world around us and help the environment to prosper. If you want to be apart of The Cheeky…


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