PRESS RELEASE: Couple-preneurs – learn how your relationship and business can go the distance

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Honesty is one of the most important things in any happy relationship, if not the most. The voicing of sincere home truths leads to incredible opportunities for growth.  Couple entrepreneurs of one of the UK’s fastest growing sustainable tissue brands, Chris Forbes and Julie Chen, have a solid foundation of honesty, that they say has been instrumental to their success.


Co-founder Julie Chen mentions ‘We are both so passionate about our project and caring for the environment but naturally we have different opinions and ideas about things. Since the very beginning of Cheeky Panda Chris and I have always seen the importance of honesty. It is our key for teamwork and has enabled us to grow our vision. All of our proudest ‘next moves’ have come from open minded discussions.’


The Cheeky Panda have gone from strength to strength, since Chris and Julie co-founded the company two years ago. Having wound down 2017 with the likes of Whole Foods Market stocking their unique sustainable bamboo tissue. They have started 2018, listing with online supermarket giant Ocado. Going live to over 500,000 active customers. It is marvellous for a start up to have reached this scale in just over a year.


Although Chris and Julie have been able to adopt The Cheeky Panda as a loveable member of their family, the balance between work and play is essential. Knowing when to step back from the business and take time for just the two of them can be challenging at times but necessary for normalcy and keeping the flame alive.


Co-founder Chris Forbes highlights the importance of taking time out, ‘we work unconventional hours and our minds are never truly away from the office. We are lucky enough to be doing what we love but we are also running a business. There are pressures and stress that come along with it, like anything you work on, you just want to do your best. What has been essential for us is to not feel guilty about stepping back sometimes and enjoying a Pina colada on the beach! You have to take a break in order to come back fresh and fighting for what you believe.’


In accordance with their mantra of work hard, play hard and in celebration of Valentine’s Day, The Cheeky Panda are running a competition to win a big cuddly panda bear and free cinema tickets to a film of your choice! For your chance to win head over to The Cheeky Panda Facebook page for all of the details. The full interview with Chris and Julie, on keeping a healthy work life balance and their top ten tips to starting a business with your life partner, can be found on their website:


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