Bulk Travel Pack Toilet Tissue


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Bulk Travel Pack Toilet Tissue

Cheeky Panda Ultra-Sustainable Bulk Pack Bamboo Toilet Tissue – 36 Packs

150 sheets per pack
Sheets per case: 5,400
Sheet size: 110mm x 190mm
Pack packaging: LDPE4 (recyclable)



  • Ideal for a workspace environment with a high footfall.
  • These toilet tissues disperse one sheet at a time to reduces paper consumption.
  • Our bamboo tissues break down easily in pipes, macerators and drains.
  • Ultra-sustainable, highly renewable and rich in Bamboo Goodness: soft, strong, anti-bacterial, skin friendly.
  • Our bamboo is 100% FSC certified and not the same type of bamboo that pandas chomp down on.
  • Naturally hypoallergenic, bamboo was born to love your skin!
  • Free from de-inking chemicals. B.P.A., fragrances, our tissues are dermatologically tested on sensitive skin.
  • Comes in recyclable plastic packaging.



  • Sheets per pack: 150
  • Ply: 2
  • Packs per case: 36
  • Sheet dimensions: 110mm x 190mm
  • Case barcode: 05060561630066
  • Packaging materials: LDPE4 (recyclable)


Dispenser Details – Bulk Pack

  • Sheet capacity: 600
  • Case barcode: TCPDPS-BP


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