Supply Chain

Transparency is at the forefront of what we do here at The Cheeky Panda. Let's take you through how our products go from Bamboo to down your loo!

Sourcing the Bamboo!

We source the Bamboo in SE China - because that's where it is! There is a huge surplus to use, and again, don't worry - not the same Bamboo that Panda's chomp on! The Bamboo is harvested once a year, and grows back 30 times faster than trees.

Sent for Pulping!

Once the Bamboo is harvested it is moved to the Local Pulping Factory where the pulp is transformed into big paper reels - that's a big piece of toilet paper! Our Factory recycles water in the process and converts steam captured into electricity.

Made into our glorious products!

It's time to make the products. Big paper reels are moved by truck to the conversion plant where it is cut up into Toilet Paper, Facial Tissue and the rest!

To the port!

Our products sail down the Yangtze river on containers towards Shanghai, ending up at the port for their final journey.

To your door!

The products get swapped from boat to boat at the port, onto ocean freight and on their way to your door in 30 days. The process is Carbon Balanced as you can learn more on below!

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Carbon Balanced with
The World Land Trust

In 2017 we started our carbon offset partnership with the World Land Trust in order to protect and rebuild the Khe Nuoc Trong rainforest in Vietnam. 
This will offset the 8.6tons of carbon produced per 10 tons of manufactured bamboo tissue products. 

Whilst our bamboo tissue generate 65% less carbon carbon emissions than conventional tree based tissue, this project ensures that our tissue is carbon balanced, at the same time as protecting the trees, plants, and animals of the rainforest.

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