Sustainable New Years Resolutions

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A new year means a new beginning! Here a 5 simple sustainable swaps that you can do to be more eco-friendly this year.

Disposable Coffee Cup – Reusable Coffee Cup


Although coffee cups may seem okay as they are paper on the outside, they are actually plastic lined on the inside which makes them difficult to biodegrade and not very sustainable. It is best to just bring your own cup! You can pick out your own design to make it more personal (and fun!). Plus, many coffee shops now give discounts to those who have their own cup.

Cling Film – Wax Wraps

Cling film and tin foil can be replaced with wax wraps! These wax coated fabrics have become very popular over recent years and are a great alternative for wrapping up fruit and veggies. They are self sticking and easy to clean too. The two options offered are bee’s wax or soy wax. It’s personal preference to which one you use! We would recommend soy wax purely because it is the vegan alternative (just like us!).

Plastic Bag – Reusable Bag


Plastic bags are a thing of the past! Reusable bags are the way to go as you can use them time and time again. These days it is rare to see those thin plastic bags in shops anymore, so progress is being made. Reusable bags are great as they can fold up small and don’t take up much extra space.

Usual Eating Habits – Veganuary

Forget January, it’s Veganuary! Why not swap out meat and dairy for a plant-based diet? It is an excellent challenge for the beginning of the new year. To find out more head to:

Paper Toilet Roll – Bamboo Toilet Roll


Ditch that ‘regular’ toilet roll and start using bamboo! Bamboo is much more environmentally friendly because it grows a lot faster than trees do. We also think that it is a lot softer than other paper brands – why not give The Cheeky Panda a go?!

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