The Cheeky Panda win best in their category at this years Natural and Organic Show Europe!

It’s a Chef’s hat award for the kitchen towel with no lint, that means when you clean glass tables there is no dust.  Not only is it a more sustainable product it’s been voted the best product by the industry experts.


New on the scene meet panda supreme, Sustainable bamboo tissue manufacture The Cheeky Panda have won big at this year’s Natural and Organic show Europe. This is only the third time the innovative company has attended the show in the last 3 years. With no products on any shelves in their first appearance at the show, The Cheeky Panda have achieved an enormous amount in such a short space of time,  perfectly reflecting the hunger for sustainable and health conscious products.



The early success of their bamboo toilet rolls and facial tissues propelled The Cheeky Panda into the realms of being a fully established business, in the space of just 18 months. Listening to the many requests from customers through their entertaining social media channels, The Cheeky Panda released pocket tissues and the award-winning bamboo kitchen rolls just a few weeks ago. Co-founder Chris Forbes said “we were finalists with our bamboo tissue in our first year and we were able to secure major listings with European and UK stores on the back of the quality and sustainability of the loo roll.  When we found out the kitchen towel had no dust we knew we had a real chance.” The Cheeky Panda team, complete with their giant panda mascot, got some great engagement from thousands of people at the show and it just goes to show that sustainable products can look good and also be better quality and affordable.



The Cheeky Panda can be purchased from leading natural organics stores like Wholefoods Market, As Nature Intended, Planet Organic as well as Amazon and Ocado. Their carbon saving bamboo tissues are also available for businesses from the leading janitorial supply companies. To keep up to date with the latest Cheeky news head over to The Cheeky Panda Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! 😊

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