The Future of Sustainability

As we are now in the final month of the year, it is a great time to reflect. This year has been hugely successful for The Cheeky Panda and we are so grateful for the support our sustainable mission has received. The Cheeky Panda have seen great progression for their brand and have furthered their reach to the mass market through new listings with stores such as, Wholefoods, Bio Planet and Ocado. As you know sustainability is at the core of The Cheeky Panda, the beating heart that spurs on everything we do and is our reason for doing so. Towards the end of the summer The Cheeky Panda organised The Future of Sustainability Event bringing together a range of other sustainable brands and businesses. This was a fantastic opportunity to really integrate brands and learn from one another in our push forwards for sustainable living. It was inspiring to see others who hold green initiatives in high regard and are creating products that will shape the future.






We give our many thanks to Howard Kennedy for being the hosts and making the event possible. Taking place one evening in September an upwards of 30 sustainability professionals and professionals with an interest in the field, joined ourselves and the other three presenting companies in the stunning location at Howard Kennedy’s number 1 London Bridge.  




Paint 360, InnuScience and Propelair were the three other companies who took to the stage to present their sustainable businesses. With leading innovators in the industry,  fine wine and spectacular views of London surrounding us, the scene was set for a truly inspirational evening.






It is nights like this that we cherish, as we are able to share thoughts and ideas with like minded businesses. It is reassuring for the future of our planet to know there are many other remarkable businesses that are forward thinking in their approach to sustainability. 

The Cheeky Panda look forward into 2018 with a positive glow and are ready to further innovate the tissue industry, so watch this space for new product lines! Our ethos is important to us and together we will create a healthy environment for future generations. 

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