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Do you find yourself surrounded by cold ridden people? or perhaps you have been doing your best to avoid that one co-worker with a hacking cold or cough. The dreaded door knob…or that commute guaranteed to be teeming with viruses. Blow away that phobia of catching a cold or worse yet…full blown flu, The Cheeky Panda has got you covered with these top tips to help steer away from colds and flu this season.


Wash your hands!

Moment of truth…be honest, how often do you actually wash your hand? Even those diligent hand washers are prone to slipping up every once in a while after a sneeze or a quick pee. Don’t worry it is not the end of the world, but here are some things you should know about what can happen if you don’t frequently wash your hands. As you may already know germs are everywhere, they come super charged with all sorts of illnesses. Luckily your immune system jumps in to take care of the majority of these issues, however some pesky ones slip through the cracks. Avoid these, make sure you wash your hands by running a lot of water over them,  this will dilute any unwelcome germs and send them straight down the drain. Alternatively keep a handy sanitiser at the ready. Hand sanitisers are super convenient, especially if you frequently forget to wash your hands or when you are on the go and feel the need for extra cleansing.


Watch those hands…

Ever find yourself randomly touching your nose or eyes? You may not yet realise how many germs have built a home here, so be more conscious of where your idle hands land. Public places are ones to watch out for, so many people have passed through where you are today and with that so many hands have groped their way through almost every surface. This is where it is essential to keep your hands to yourself, if you slip up and find yourself resting on that escalator grab a hand sanitiser to cover all your basis, be one step ahead of that cold or flu.


Stay healthy

Nowadays, more and more people are finding it hard to get enough sleep. When you are tired, your body lacks the energy required to ward off the nasties, so aim for an 8 hour sleep. Believe it or not sleep is the easy part, along with getting plenty of rest you need to maintain a healthy diet. This means eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, remember your 5 a day? Sounds easier said than done but introducing healthy foods into your diet is certainly much easier than fighting off the flu virus. Don’t just stop there though, add in some exercise especially if you are a desk worker. Regular workouts will not only improve your mood but they can enhance the function of your immune system.


Set aside bad habits

Despite all those warnings against smoking you have continued to pursue that ‘much needed cigarette’. Smokers here’s what you should know…smoking increases the risk of infections by decreasing your immune system. According to studies smoking destroys cilia, the little hairlike fibers inside your nose; making you more vulnerable to infections. Like with most things too much of a good thing spoils, when it comes to Netflix the word ‘moderation’ springs to mind. It has been scientifically proven that binge watching leads to tiredness and reduced sleep will weaken your immune system. Studies suggest that individuals lacking enough sleep are more exposed to the cold virus and once they have caught it the road to recovery is much longer.


Watch out for people with symptoms

Maintain some distance between you and people displaying symptoms such as sneezing or coughing. Some may feel that this goes without saying but staying away from strangers is easier compared to avoiding your loved ones. Stay away from anyone sick when possible, getting up close and personal with those already suffering from a cold or flu is just tempting fate! Keep an eye on those handshakes and hugs, you don’t know whether or not that person has sneezed into their hands and there’s nothing like a good hug to ensure an easier transfer of a cold. When possible avoid things like free open nibbles at the bar or free for all open dips, you never know the amounts of germs lurking in there.


If all else fails…

So you have unsuccessfully managed to avoid getting infected, don’t worry it’s not the end of the world. There are plenty of remedies that can help ease your symptoms natural or otherwise. Firstly watch your symptoms, if things escalate from simple sniffles to raging sickness don’t hesitate to contact your doctor, you may have a serious case of the flu! When struck with the cold or flu dehydration can occur so make sure you drink plenty of fluids, water is your new best friend, contact your doctor if you find yourself unable to keep fluids down. Make sure you get plenty of rest, stay at home and take care of yourself, this will not only speed up recovery but also prevent others from catching your virus. Lastly if you must sneeze, there is nothing better than handy bamboo facial tissues and pocket tissues!


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