Travel Around the World with The Cheeky Panda

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Are you already thinking about your summer holiday travel plans or are off jet-setting around the world? Whether you are staying in beautiful blighty or are going to sunny Spain, The Cheeky Panda has the perfect travel essentials for you.

Biodegradable Bamboo Handy Wipes


Our handy wipes are nature’s answer to keeping clean on the go. Great for cleaning up small spills and wiping little one’s sticky faces and hands. They are even great for removing make-up! These handy wipes are small enough to fit in your everyday bag.

£1.50 Planet Organic, Amazon, Boots, Ocado, Big Green Smile, WHSmiths

Plastic-Free Pocket Tissues


Have you ever seen plastic-free pocket tissues before? We didn’t think so! The Cheeky Panda plastic-free pocket tissues are the first of their kind. Great for having out and about when the sniffles strike. Hypoallergenic and free from tissue dust, these pocket-sized packs are hayfever or flu ready. They are soft on the nose too, thanks to bamboo natural fibers.

£1.00 – Superdrug, Holland & Barrett

Classic Toilet Tissue Bulk Travel Pack


Picture the scene. You are at a festival, sweet songs fill the air, you are up to your knee’s in mud and you really need a wee. You get to the portaloo after being in a half an hour queue and there is no toilet paper left. But then you remember you have your The Cheeky Panda tissue travel pack in your bum bag and balance is restored! This handy bundle is the festival or camping companion that you need. Forget packing a whole bag of toilet rolls when you can have this compact 150 sheet pack.

£1.99 – Big Green Smile

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