Bamboo is the future: Why we’re keeping it cheeky with bamboo toilet roll

Many of you will know that bamboo is the world’s fastest growing plant and those that have it in their garden will know how difficult it is to control.  Trees take many years and use lots of fertilisers to grow but this stuff just shoots up, it’s totally rampant!

Bamboo is trending, bamboo socks, pillows and clothing is very popular, as bamboo is natural and organic its healthier for people’s skin hence why people love it.  Bamboo toilet and facial tissue has the same smooth and skin friendly qualities, hence why its quickly become a bestseller with over 100 reviews on Amazon.

Making smart choices about food and healthy living is the best way to protect the planet and give the future generations a sustainable world.  When you cut down a tree you are left with the root system that needs to be dug up before replanting, it also requires fertilisers to help the trees grow.  All that soil erosion and chemicals are not good, but bamboo is a grass and when cut from the root it just grows back.  No soil erosion, no fertilisers – just natural organic bamboo.

Until now, recycled tissue was the most environmentally friendly tissue on the market, but what they don’t tell you is that in order to turn old newspapers and copier paper into loo roll they have to use lots of de-inking agents and harsh chemicals, which are bad for both the environment and the skin. Who knew huh? No thank you!

Tissue product might be at the bottom of the market (if you’ll pardon the pun!), but that doesn’t mean we should ignore it and it should be every bit as important as food, as what goes in must come out.  We like tasty food that’s good for the planet, so we should also learn to love luxury soft tissue products that are environmentally friendly too.

The Cheeky Panda was founded last year and the founders Chris and Julie are extremely passionate about protecting the environment and leaving no carbon footprint.  Every time someone buys some Cheeky Panda some of the proceeds goes to protecting the Rainforest in Vietnam, through the World Land Trust they back a project to regenerate lost rainforest and stop animal snaring, how cool is that?

The company is growing and growing fast, a new experienced Managing Director Louis Beaumont has been brought in to oversee the growth.  Its also working with the community and recently stepped in to save the Bognor Birdman event which raise a huge amount for charity after a main sponsor couldn’t be found.  Its things like this that are different and why they we have so many fans so quickly.  Check out all the online reviews and grab yourself a pack. Remember its more than just bums on seats, it’s about doing the right thing, make sure you #KeepItCheeky!


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