We’re declaring a Climate Emergency.

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ClimateStrike #Global ClimateStrike

It’s a big subject, and it’s pretty big right now. Here at Panda HQ we like to think of ourselves as promoters of a planet-friendly lifestyle. We were set up on the foundation of bringing sustainable alternatives to the mass market. As the winner of a Business Green award and as one of the most sustainable tissue brands in the market (oh, and did we mention we are a B Corp!?), the climate is always close to our hearts and inspires our business every day. 

When climate action gets brought up in our office is it a widely debated topic, and it can seem daunting. But everyone can do their bit for the climate, whether its reducing your air travel, or keeping your showers to four minutes. Whatever you do this Friday, it is a great opportunity to remember we must do our bit. Whatever it is you do for the planet, we salute you.

Madeleine Loveday

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