Why Is Veganuary Important?

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Here at The Cheeky Panda we love the idea of Veganuary! As a vegan and cruelty-free brand, we celebrate the ways in which we can do better for the environment, for the animals and for our health.

 At the beginning of 2019 a quarter of a million people took the pledge to try out a vegan lifestyle. This year so far 350,000 people have signed up!

Why is Veganuary important? 

The Veganuary movement is important because it encourages a positive lifestyle changes. By reducing your meat and dairy intake, you are reducing many different health problems that are caused by consuming animal products. There are lots of health benefits to cutting this out of your life.

As well as this, by going vegan you are having a positive impact on the environment! Animal agriculture is one of the top contributors of climate change. This is due to the clearing of rainforests and other important eco-systems.

Even if you are not taking part in Veganuary, it is a brilliant opportunity to learn about how much of a positive impact the lifestyle change is for not only yourself, but the planet too!

Taking part in Veganuary is a brilliant challenge and is fun at the same time. There are new recipes to try and new vegan restaurant releases to eat.

Did you know that we are vegan certified by The Vegan Society? You can be sure that when using The Cheeky Panda products that no animals have been harmed in any of the production process. We also strive to be as environmentally conscious as possible and are carbon balanced with The World Land Trust.

Find out more: https://in.veganuary.com

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