Oh My Why Did I Not Bring My Own?

When travelling do you ever think to yourself, why didn’t I bring my own?


So, it’s been three hours now and you have just reached the front of the queue for the portable toilet at your favorite summer festival. Marvelous, you think to yourself as you are one step closer to breaking the seal. However, in your slightly tipsy state on this sunny Sunday afternoon you forget the perils of the sandpaper toilet tissue that awaits you. You shriek in horror just at the site of it and it’s yet to touch your bum! Its oozing in deinking agents and bleaching chemicals that are ready to seep into your skin. It’s very dubious if it will pass the finger test and you double or triple down in order to suffer that horrible fate. Then you also think why are we doing this; using trees dripped in chemicals crunched up and manufactured into a single sandpaper tissue. Why oh why, you think to yourself, why didn’t I bring my own.


The move to being an environmentally active society is one we all wish would hurry up. So many of us believe in and use sustainable products as we sense the urgency and need for our behaviors to change. Big corporations however can be a little slow to react as money seems to be their main concern and sustainability seems to be about ticking boxes rather than making actual change. This makes travelling and attending large public events such as festivals very challenging for the environmentally conscious folk.

Think hotels, camping sites, festivals and any place really you come across while on your travels. They don’t always have the sustainable option and aren’t doing anything currently to change that stance. Maybe it’s time we stop waiting for the big corporations to do something about it and take on the fight for ourselves, by staying true to our morals and beliefs. One small step at a time.

Small compact tissues that are easily placed in one’s suitcase, pocket sized tissues that can easily be doubled up for some sustainable soft loo roll at the next Glastonbury. There is a sustainable solution, there is The Cheeky Panda.

100% bamboo tissue compact into 200 sheets of 3 ply loo roll perfect to slot into your suitcase, pocket facial tissues that, well, simply fit in your pocket. The Cheeky Panda offers a simple sustainable solution, as the famous quote, says ‘be the change you want to see in the world’.  We say, “bring your own and Keep It Cheeky.”

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