Celebrate An Eco-Friendly New Year’s Eve!

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Waking up on New Year’s day is pretty messy (and we don’t mean your hangover…) From paper cups stacked high on the kitchen counter to glitter stuck in the carpet, New Year’s Eve creates a tonne of waste. Bring in the new year sustainably instead with these 5 eco-friendly party tips!


New Year’s Eve is one of the only days where it is acceptable to wear sequins from head to toe. For this reason fast fashion gets the better of many, and your bejeweled party dress will most likely never be worn again. If glitz and glam is a New Years necessity, why not buy your outfit from a second hand shop. Charity shops keep up with trends too you know! You’ll be surprised at how many glitzy outfits you can find this time of year. Online businesses are also starting to pop up which will let you hire your next showstopper. Hurr Collective lets you rent items from other peoples own wardrobes! Fast fashion is SO 2019…


You may want to rethink using synthetic glitter and confetti to decorate your house. Both are a type of Microplastic, which you should avoid releasing into the environment. If you want to find out more about the impacts of microplastics, check out our blog A guide to Macroplastics and Microplastics. There are lots of reusable and more sustainable decor alternatives such as fairy lights and fabric bunting. Don’t forget you will still have all of your Christmas decorations up too!


New Year’s Eve is a great way to use up your Christmas snacks. Why not pile all of your leftover *cough rejected* Christmas sweets into a big bowl for your party guests (someones bound to want those Turkish delights!) For any food that is left over at the end of the night, you could even create little goody bags for them to take home. You will not only be reducing food waste, but will help your guests soak up the bubbly too!


If you’re hosting your New Year’s Eve party then its most likely that you already have a cupboard full of reusable cups, cutlery, and plates, so there’s no excuse to get disposable. If you really are the hostess with the most-ess, you won’t suck up natural resources and will forget the plastic straws too.

Getting Home

Why not travel home more sustainably this New Years and reduce your carbon paw-print! If you’re not drinking, why not offer a lift home to friends that are. You could also all club together and share a taxi. Using public transport is another low carbon way to get you home. Did you know that all TfL transport in London will be free from 23:45 31st December to 04:30 1st January. Londoners make the most of this New Year freebie!

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