Christmas Zero-Waste Guide: Part 2

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Christmas is not the most wonderful time of the year for the environment! Once the celebrations are over and the mess has been cleared, what most people find is an overflowing bin! On average the UK produces 30% more waste over the Christmas period, so we have created another zero-waste guide to help you reuse your disposable Christmas items this season.

1. Cards

The UK sends approximately 1 billion Christmas cards every year! Luckily most cards are recyclable, however many cannot be if covered in embellishments such as glitter, ribbons, and foil! Instead of binning your cards, why not get ahead of the game and cut out gift tags for next year’s Christmas. You could also remove and reuse the embellishments for your next craft project and recycle the rest of the card.

2. Christmas dinner

Most people peel and bin their Christmas dinner veggies, but did you know many skins are perfectly fine to eat and are packed with loads of nutrients! Instead of letting them go to waste, use them to make stock – you’ll be thanking us when you’ve got yourself a delicious bowl of veggie soup in Veganuary! You can also season, oil, and bake your potato peels and make some rustic style crisps – they will make a great little snack when your family wants that second round of nosh on Christmas day!

3. Tree

Did you know that approximately 7/8 Christmas trees will be sent to landfill this year? Although buying a real Christmas tree is a family tradition for many, a wasteful Christmas does not need to be. There are many ways to reuse you tree. Take some pine needles, branches, cranberries, and cinnamon sticks and you’ve got yourself some potpourri! So even when Christmas is over, the smell won’t be!

4. Sweet Tubs

Buying a big tub of Celebrations, Roses, or Quality Street is a Christmas must for many families. These large tubs which carry our Christmas favourites are really useful and can be re-used in so many ways. They are the perfect size to hold cakes and other bakes. They are also great to store other household bits such as kids crafts, first aid equipment, or DIY tools.

5. Wrapping Paper

Most wrapping paper cannot be recycled and it was estimated that in 2017 108 million rolls of wrap was chucked in the bin! Make sure to do the ‘scrunch test’ and crumple your wrapping paper into a ball. If it doesn’t bounce back, you can recycle it! For wrapping paper which does bounce back, dust off your paper shredder and make packing material to protect your dainty Christmas ornaments! You can also make pretty napkin rings ready for your next dinner party or envelopes for next year’s cards!

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