Top 5 Tips for a Plastic-Free Christmas

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Christmas can be a really wasteful time of year when it comes to plastic. Here at The Cheeky Panda, we are going plastic-free by the end of 2020 and think you should too! Here are 5 tips to being more eco-friendly and going plastic-free this Christmas.

1.Wrapping Paper 

Did you know that general Christmas wrapping paper isn’t recyclable? This is due to the plastic lining on the paper. Why not switch to brown paper for that minimalist look or the very on trend fabric wrap?! Both options are eco-friendly and a much better option for the environment.

2. Christmas Crackers 

Christmas crackers are fun in the moment; we love reading out the cheesy jokes over dinner! As well as being fun, they are unfortunately can be full of plastic. Inside we have the hats, jokes and little toys. There are companies out there that do plastic-free crackers which are a great alternative or have a go at making your own!

3. Eco-Friendly Gifts 

When buying a gift for someone, think about the usage of the item. Do they really need it, or is it something that will lose its novelty very quickly? We think that it is much more meaningful to someone to get them something that will last them a long time. This could also mean gifting an experience, such as a ticket to a show, going out for a meal, anything that your friend/family member would enjoy doing. Why not treat someone to a Cheeky Panda gift card or even one of our bundle packages!

4. Sustainable Food 

Let’s be honest, the food is the best part of Christmas. Roast potatoes, veggies, stuffing, gravy! Supermarkets love to wrap everything in unnecessary plastics, so we suggest exploring your local market. Not only will the produce be fresh and grown closer to home, they will more likely than not be plastic-free! Plus, you are supporting your local community this way. As well as this, zero-waste refill shops are popping up everywhere and are really worth a visit. 

5. Plastic-Free Decorations 

Say no to the plastic baubles, plastic tinsel and plastic decorations! Look out for alternatives such as wood, glass or even edible. Why not get the whole family involved in making handmade decorations – they are more sentimental and will last so much longer. Think outside the plastic box! 

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