Plastic Free Pocket Tissues


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Plastic Free Pocket Tissues

96 packs of 100% Bamboo Pocket Tissue in completely Plastic Free Packaging


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Hey Cheeky! It’s time to make the swap to Bamboo. Why? It’s the fastest growing plant in the world, and if that isn’t impressive enough, it produces 65% less carbon emmisions than trees. Glorious!

Bamboo is also naturally hypoallergenic and therefore very kind to skin. It has smoother, longer fibres which trap less dust – perfect for sufferers of sensitive skin!

No fertiliser, pesticides or other chemical nasties.

Swap to Bamboo and Save the Trees, an everyday change can make the world of difference!

Made from 100% Bamboo Virgin Pulp Paper. Wiping out deforestation one wipe at a time.

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