Sustainable Zero-Waste Christmas Gift Ideas

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Christmas is a holiday that is all about spending time with the people you care about, but over the years consumerism has boomed. Encouraging over consumption at Christmas has become a huge part of the holiday. Here at The Cheeky Panda we want to celebrate sustainably. Here are a few ways you can switch up your Christmas gifts this year to be sustainable or zero-waste.


One of the best ways to be less wasteful this Christmas is gifting an experience. This is becoming more and more popular and we think spending time with friends and family is the ultimate gift (cheesy, but true!). The day that you spend together will be much more sentimental and you will have loads of fun photos from your trip to look back on. 

Ethical & Sustainable 

Supporting businesses that have the environment in mind is a great place to put your money this Christmas. We all now know about the Climate Crisis we are currently experiencing, so now is the right time to be switching to eco-friendly gifts. When looking for sustainable businesses, checking if they are a B Corporation is a good place to start (just like us!). When buying from and ethical and sustainable business you can be sure that fair wages have been set and the products have been sourced responsibly.


There is a lot of stigma around shopping for second-hand gifts and there shouldn’t be! The thought and care is still there. It also means that you will be supporting a charity with the money that you spend, or someone that can use the money from what they have sold on their own Christmas experience. A lot of the time you can buy second-hand items that are practically brand new but for half the price.


Did you know that we are going plastic-free in 2020? We think you should join us. Why not gift a plastic-free present this Christmas! There are so many gift options (such as our plastic-free bundle!) that will avoid that pesky material we are all trying so hard to reduce in our lives.

Independent Businesses 

The line ‘Every time you buy something from an independent business they do a happy dance’ is so true. Supporting those who spend there weekends selling their amazing creations at markets and spare time uploading onto Etsy are people to look out for. To be honest, we do a happy dance with your purchases too!

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