The Cheeky Panda Bamboo Tissues Now Available in Planet Organic

Planet Organic was founded in 1995 by Renee Elliot. The store is a manifestation of Renee’s personal values and beliefs about food and nutrition.

When starting her own family Renee felt the importance of each mouth full of food even more so.

Renee supports local agriculture and makes naturally sourced organic produce accessible for a wider market.



Since it’s opening in 1995 Planet Organic has gone from strength to strength and now has around 7 stores in London alone.

As we are becoming more aware of what we are eating and the lack of nutrition we receive when consuming processed foods, our dietary habits are changing. And Planet Organic has never been more popular. They offer the best produce that will give our bodies the real nutrition it needs.

We are happy that our sustainable and natural bamboo tissues will be available throughout Planet Organic stores. It is great to have a platform where we are able to be exposed to a wider range of consumers looking for natural products.



As well as being sustainable our tissues are also natural, as we use virgin pulp bamboo that has been FSC certified (approved by the forestry council). The Virgin pulp bamboo we use is a hybrid of the bamboo family and offers a  higher potency of bamboo’s raw antibacterial qualities. As well as making the tissue much cleaner and softer than regular tissue this also allows there to be no dust particles on the tissue. Our bamboo tissues are 100% pure and contain no harsh chemicals or de inking agents, making them a perfect fit for Planet Organic. Please click HERE to see the benefits The Cheeky Panda tissues have when combating eczema and hay fever.

To coincide with the launch we will also be doing in store demonstrations, giving away free samples and chatting with customers. We will keep you updated through our social media channels, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, So you will know where to find us! Please click HERE to find your nearest Planet organic store. 






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