How do you treat plastic so it biodegrades? Presumably it doesn’t biodegrade into nasty micro plastics that regular plastic will over time, so what does it do?

We use plastic treated with d2w, according to the producers the specially treated plastic under test conditions found 91% biodegradation within 24 months. This is not breaking down into microplastics, but becoming bio-available food for bacteria and fungi. It can also be put in regular recycling too alongside other untreated plastics with no negative effects. […]

You appear to wrap some of your products with plastic Is this plastic/cellulose/something else? How long does this take to biodegrade?

Some of our products are wrapped in plastic, which is either specially treated so it will biodegrade if it goes into landfill, or a commonly recyclable plastic. All are marked clearly. We are working towards all of our packaging being plastic free and you can order many of our products completely free from plastic wrapping […]